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Planswift on Screen Takeoff

Planswift on Screen Takeoff

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The #1 Takeoff Software

PlanSwift is the fastest and easiest takeoff software available.

 Improves Accuracy

 Saves Time

Increases Profit

PlanSwift is easily customized for you and your specific trade. Simply create assemblies of commonly used materials, waste and even labor. Then drag those assemblies onto the takeoff items for instant and accurate estimates of all your costs!


General Contractors

  • Takeoff in a fraction of the time with PlanSwift software click, drop, and estimate functionality.
  • Manage projects large and small with accurate and timely calculations.
  • Easily adjust cost projections, simply change product cost and recalculate!
  • Bid more jobs, manage more efficiently and grow your business with PlanSwift takeoff and estimating software.

Concrete Takeoff and Estimating the Smart Way

  • Takeoff footings, walls and foundations measurements quickly and accurately.
  • Simple Single Click selection for for slab dimensions..
  • Custom pre built assemblies accurately project rebar, membranes and other materials and labor.
  • PlanSwift instantly and accurately calculates your costs and margins then print or export to excel

Fast and Accurate Drywall Takeoff

  • Simply point and click to measure walls, ceilings and partitions.
  • Calculate your square footage and surface areas quickly with our area and linear tools.
  • PlanSwift automatically calculates materials and labor for a perfect estimate, every time.
  • You’ll make more accurate estimates much quicker, saving time and money!

Electrical Takeoff Made Easy With PlanSwift

  • Measures lengths for conduits, wiring and cables quickly and accurately
  • Adds total number of switches and receptacles with ease.
  • Automatically calculates materials and costs
  • Export into estimate in a snap, saves time, money and effort

Save Time on Flooring Takeoff and Estimating

  • One Click area select for tile,carpet , hardwood or laminate floor areas.
  • Speedy perimeter measurement for nail strip and baseboard needs.
  • Measure, count, calculate, print or export your estimate with our easy takeoff software.
  • Estimate more accurately in less time. Bid and win more jobs.

Fast and Accurate Framing Estimates

  • Measure joists, rafters, studs, headers, etc.
  • Count posts, connectors and more.
  • Calculate labor, waste and equipment hours.
  • Print or export your estimate with our easy takeoff software.
  • Estimate more accurately in less time. Bid and win more jobs.

Mechanical HVAC Takeoff in a Snap

  • Quickly trace linear takeoff for A/C supply lines.
  • Instantly derive volume of rooms for heating and cooling.
  • Generate precise material lists for HVAC assembly and instantly calculate cost.
  • Do faster takeoff estimates that are mistake free!

Landscaping Takeoff and Estimating Software

  • Easily measures square footage, volumes and linear dimensions, even if the “linear” is curved.
  • Get instant, accurate area dimensions for sod, mulch, gravel and other products with a Single Click.
  • Get an accurate professional estimate with a point, drag and click.
  • Faster, more accurate estimates save you time and help your bottom line!

Painting Takeoff & Estimating in Minutes

  • Single click area select tool instantly measures every wall and ceiling surface – straight or curved.
  • Simply drop pre-built custom assemblies onto the takeoff for instant estimating.
  • Everything is counted and calculated including paint, primer, labor and materials for the job.
  • Spend less time estimating, bid more jobs and maximize earnings!

Fast, Easy and Accurate Takeoff for Plumbers

  • Swiftly measure linear feet for CPVC, drain and supply piping.
  • Get accurate instant takeoff counts for fixtures and fittings with point and click ease.
  • PlanSwift calculates everything for a precise estimate every time.
  • Save time, avoid costly errors and maximize profits with PlanSwift


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